18th Visit to the Galapagos Islands

Mary Crowley, founder and director of Ocean Voyages, first sailed to Galapagos in 1973 on the brigantine Westward and spent a month sailing around the islands. She returned a year later on the New Zealand-built schooner New World and explored the islands for five weeks.

In February of 2011, Mary spent a week cruising the Galapagos Archipelago on the classic motor yacht Grace and another week visiting friends and inspecting all of the quality yachts in Galapagos. This amazing archipelago is an area that justifies Elie multiple visits. The uniqueness and diversity of the wildlife offers adventures such as snorkeling at Tower Island and viewing the Hammerhead Sharks, visiting Santa Fe, and frolicking with the sea lions, hiking through lava rock and watching the Frigate Birds.

Back in the 1980s, Profile most Ocean Voyages Galapagos participants visited the islands for two to three weeks. During more recent times, people typically visit for a week free online project management. The Galapagos Islands National Park Service, beginning in 2011, is designing new itineraries with boat operators encouraging people to spend 12 to 15 days in the islands and have an more in-depth experience. Ocean Voyages feels that these new itineraries will make Galapagos an even better experience for those wishing to really explore the range of islands.

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