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May Visit to Poros, Greece

It always feels like I am returning home to visit favorite friends and relatives when I have the pleasure of doing yacht inspections in Athens and Poros. The Greek hospitality is full of life and fun. The Greek charter yacht […]

Spring 2012 Yacht Inspections in Italy

Mary Crowley returned to Genoa for the annual yacht charter show beginning April 30. The selection of luxury motor yachts and sailing vessels highlighted many of the best yachts available in the Mediterranean. Whether one is interested in exploring the […]

Travels and Yacht Inspections

Mary Crowley recently visited Southern California and Hawaii and will be going on her annual yacht inspection trip to the Caribbean in early December. Inspections scheduled through the first half of 2012 include <a href="http://www look at here”>Egypt, Spain, […]

Italy, Greece, and Turkey Updates and Deals

In April and May 2011, Mary Crowley visited and inspected yachts in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The waterfront of Genoa offered an amazing array of classic sailing yachts, expedition ships, and luxury motor yachts. There were many magnificent new […]