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Australia was first discovered by Europeans in 1606. In 1983, Australia dominated the international sailing community with their victory over the long-defended America’s Cup with the radical winged-keel. Besides their racing prowess, Australia also offers excellent cruising. Sail to the cities of Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, the Whitsunday Islands, or even circumnavigate this southern continent!

New Zealand

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Since the beginning of time the East Coast of New Zealand has been the first landfall of each day's morning sunrise. This area is indeed a special place with fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. Captain Cook first sighted the white cliffs of Young Nicks head in Poverty Bay in 1796. Let Ocean Voyages take you here for an extraordinary holiday!

New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea, the world's second largest island, attracts true adventurers and is best explored by yacht. The entire area is similar in size to California and has approximately 6.8 million people and between 5 and 10% of the planet's total species. As many of its communities have remained quite separate due to numerous islands and steep mountain canyons, Papua New Guinea has several thousand villages- many with their own unique culture and customs.