Travelers to the Caribbean, from Columbus to Gauguin to Hemingway have become part of its history by finding inspiration and insight in the beauty of the land and its people. Early Dutch, French and British settlers fought for control of the Caribbean - often resulting in a fascinating combination of cultures on a single island.

There is usually a gentle, easterly trade wind that contributes to the excellent weather conditions in the Caribbean. The balmy climate makes spending time on deck, or exploring outdoors a true pleasure. Hike through spectacular tropic forests or stroll along the endless beaches; swim, snorkel or scuba diving in the clear waters.


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What makes the Caribbean a particularly wonderful place to explore by yacht is that only 2% of the hundreds of islands are inhabited. You can sometimes find stretches of beach and secluded coves that feel like your own.

Belize and Costa Rica

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The tropical Central American country of Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. Unlike the islands in the Eastern Caribbean, Belize is still only sparsely developed, and there are very few dive or sailing vessels that ply her waters.


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The Grenadines are a chain of some thirty-two islands between St. Vincent and Grenada, often referred to as the Gems of the Caribbean. They are some of the last unspoiled islands in the world, for the only way to reach most of them is by boat.