Mediterranean and Europe

South of France and the Riviera

South of France and the Riviera | Yachts available »

From a destination for early Victorian and French tourism to the modern French Riviera, the Mediterranean coast of France is eponymous with culture, cuisine, and leisure. Enjoy the region’s history, beaches, and tranquil sailing in the Cote d'Azur. A wide selection of luxury sail and motor yachts are available here for charter and as a starting location for exploring Italy and the western Mediterranean.

Greece and the Aegean

Greece and the Aegean | Yachts available »

The legendary Aegean offers breathtaking panoramas and some of the world's most interesting and leisurely cruising. In the archaeologically rich historical setting, classical ruins vie for your attention with charming villages and their colorful inhabitants. The ancient and contemporary exist side-by-side against a landscape of rugged grandeur.Voyage along the Turkish coast and through the islands of the eastern Dodecanese- still largely undiscovered by tourism. Enjoy the sun, swimming, snorkeling, ethereal skies and translucent turquoise bays.

Baltic and Scandinavia

Baltic and Scandinavia | Yachts available »

The Baltic Sea is the Mediterranean of the Northern European nations. Strong maritime cities, far-flung trade, and cultural exchange have linked the peoples of the Baltic through several thousand years of common history. Discover this varied history and rich cultural tradition exploring the Baltic on a charter yacht.Sail past the original maelstrom of Moskstraumen off the Norwegian Coast, enter the Baltic through the Skaggerat and past Copenhagen, and visit the historic cities of Germany, Sweden, and the Baltic States, ending in St. Petersburg or Helsinki.


Turkey | Yachts available »

Turkey’s Mediterranean shore, nearly a thousand miles known as the Turquoise Coast, offers a stunning destination for those who seek both beach days and time to explore antiquities. The Toros Mountains form a backdrop to the coast, falling steeply to the sea. Rivers have washed sediment down the cliffs over the ages creating beaches in hidden coves and fertile alluvial plains.

European Canals and Waterways

European Canals and Waterways | Yachts available »

Travel the medieval and industrial-era canals of Europe in an hotel barge. An intricate network of waterways once connected the cities and countries of Europe. Today, they are navigable by luxury barge for a grand tour of Europe’s historic cities and scenic countryside.

Corsica and Sardinia

Corsica and Sardinia

Our yachts offer cruises to the Mediterranean islands Corsica and Sardinia. Spending time exploring these islands and the crystal blue waters will provide you with a taste of both French and Italian cultures. Corsica is considered one of the great islands of the world and offers spectacular landscapes and scenic anchorages. Sardinia, one of the world’s top yachting centers, has wonderful sophistication and attracts an international crowd from princes to celebrities.