North America and Mexico

Alaska and the Inside Passage

Alaska and the Inside Passage | Yachts available »

Southeast Alaska is justifiably known for its dramatic beauty and abundance of sealife. With it’s 3,000 miles of convoluted coastline, it offers one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world, with open yet protected waters, conifer-covered islands, and majestic snow-clad glaciers. Bald eagles can be observed perched on trees, near salmon spawning streams, and around their many nesting areas. Sightings of orca, humpback whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, and porpoise are also common.

San Francisco

San Francisco | Yachts available »

San Francisco Bay, with its breezes and spectacular vistas, offers thrilling sailing. For a delightful afternoon sail, enjoy breathtaking views of the city’s unique skyline, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island. For a one-week adventure, you can sail up the Sacramento River Delta region with its quaint towns and warm weather. In addition to sailing vessels, we have several luxury motor yachts ideal for large parties, business meetings, or special events. From 2012-2013, San Francisco will be home to the defense of the America's Cup regatta series. Having your own vessel from which to view this yachting extravaganza is the best way to really see and enjoy the America’s Cup events in San Francisco.

Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest | Yachts available »

Sail among the American and Canadian San Juans and Gulf Islands. Explore the beautiful fjords and inlets of British Columbia such as desolation Sound and Princess Louisa Inlet. These are areas with excellent cruising, hiking, fishing, wildlife observation, and breath-taking landscapes. On a lucky day, you may see humpback whales, orcas, seals, and dolphins.

Baja and the Mexican Coast

Baja and the Mexican Coast | Yachts available »

Warm waters and sun make a coastal cruise here a delightful vacation. Here are long, empty beaches to tempt the sunbather and swimmer, and clear waters where the sea life may be seen by the snorkeler. In Mexican waters, large schools of tropical fish weave by one’s mask, unafraid of the swimmer’s presence. Trails in the sandy bottom made by conch leave a path to their hiding place. Inlets and tide pools disclose all manner of shell fish for beach-combing pleasure.

Channel Islands and Southern California

Channel Islands and Southern California | Yachts available »

The Channel Islands are unique in their variety, providing dramatic seascapes and lovely anchorages among hundreds of coves, as well as good snorkeling, abundant wildlife, and excellent opportunities to hike and explore ashore. Isolated from California’s populated shoreline, and accessible only by boat, the islands have changed little since Richard Henry Dana’s time. The climate is mild, suitable for year-round sailing, with dependable winds subsiding at night for calm anchoring.

Maine and Novia Scotia

Maine and Novia Scotia | Yachts available »

Maine and the island of Nova Scotia offer ample opportunities for exploration and adventurous sailing. Enjoy scenic hiking and a wide variety of land and sea life from a sail or power yacht charter.