South America and Antarctica


Amazon | Yachts available »

The Amazon is the world's largest rainforest and the last great wilderness on earth. Most of Amazonia is without human settlement and the fantastic beasts that have roamed its vast rainforests since time immemorial live there still.

Cape Horn and Patagonia

Cape Horn and Patagonia | Yachts available »

Explore the remote wonders unique to the bottom of the world. Visit the areas made famous by Darwin and Fitzroy while on the voyages of HMS Beagle. Transit Cape Horn and the Chilean fjords, and trek through the mountains of Patagonia.


Antarctic | Yachts available »

Antarctica, about 14 million square kilometers (roughly the same size of the United States), remains one of the most beautiful and least visited places on Earth.


Chile | Yachts available »

Point Arenas, Chile has the honor of being the southernmost city in the world and is a taking off place to explore the fjords, Cape Horn, or the many exceptional national parks in the region.