May Visit to Poros, Greece

Greece YachtsIt always feels like I am returning home to visit favorite friends and relatives when I have the pleasure of doing yacht inspections in Athens and Poros. The Greek hospitality is full of life and fun. The Greek charter yacht show begins at 10 in the morning and runs until 7. The evenings are filled with great cocktails, Greek cuisine specialties, and lively conversation. The music and dancing starts later!

There are so many great areas to explore that some clients take two and three weeks trips to Greece for several years in a row, concentrating one year on exploring the Ionian Islands, including wonderful Corfu and another year on exploring the Dodecanese, including Samos and Rhodes. Of course, the Cyclades are very popular as well as the Argo-Saronic Islands. Being in Greece always makes me want to spend time exploring the over 1,200 islands in the beautiful blue Aegean. Browse Greece Yachts ยป.

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