Cook Islands

The Cook Islands take their name from the illustrious explorer of the South Pacific, Captain James Cook, who first discovered the islands in 1773. However, we now know that the island of Rarotanga was first sighted in the 7th and 8th centuries during the great migratory voyages of the Polynesians. Rarotanga’s first real claim to fame was its re-discovery in 1789 by the HMS Bounty mutineers before they settled at Pitcairn.


There are fifteen islands in the group and they are scattered over an area of more than two million square kilometers between Tahiti to the east and Tonga to the west. Rarotanga lies just within the tropics, which places it almost in the same relative position below the equator that Hawaii is above. The main island of Rarotanga is almost completely surrounded by reef. The interior is mountainous and rises to 2,00ft.


The drier months, from April to November, have an average maximum temperature of about 79F (26C) degrees and a minimum average of 68F (20C) degrees. The warmer and more humid damp season runs from December to March. During this season the temperature ranges from 83F (28C) to 72F (22C).

Cook Islands Yachts

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Ke Ama II

  • type : sloop
  • length : 80 ft.
  • guests : 6 pass.

The 80' Keama II is set up to accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins. The Master has a King bed, there is a double cabin & 1 cabin twin bedded cabin, all ensuite.


  • type : cutter
  • length : 52 ft.
  • guests : 8 pass.

Saoirse is a 52' Ventura cutter that accommodates 6 guests in 3 cabins.

El Karim

  • type : ketch
  • length : 70 ft.
  • guests : 6 pass.

El Karim is a 70' mahogany hull classic sailing yacht which accommodates up to 6 persons in 3 private cabins.