Voyage to Paradise: Follow in the Steps of Captain Cook

Aranui IIIFollow the steps of Captain Cook and explore Tahiti, the Marquesas, and the Tuamotus. Our ship, the Aranui III, will visit fascinating and remote areas of French Polynesia. Captain Cook went to Tahiti five hundred years ago to observe the transit of Venus. The two weeks exploring the magical islands of the Tuamotus and the Marquesas proceeds the transit of Venus which will be occuring in Tahiti.

Dr. Raymond Ashley, world-renowned maritime historian and director of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, has designed an unique series of lectures that will allow those on board not only to learn about modern day French Polynesia but will also give everyone a sense of the explorers that have proceeded us.

Dates: May 17 – June 1, 2012. Full program description and photos will be available within the week.

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