Bold Spirit

  • type : multi-hull
  • length : 48 ft.
  • capacity : 8 passengers
  • specials : SCUBA,snorkeling,kayaks,mountain bikes,fishing, custom charters

Bold Spirit is a 48' trimaran that accommodates 8 guests in four cabins

'Bonnie Lynn' is a unique gem in the Maine Schooner fleet. She is a modified version of designer Merrit Walter's Trade Rover Schooner, and evokes images of a bygone era, yard arms creaking under the strain of billowing canvas, the rig swaying like a metronome to the ocean's song.

Sailing a traditionally-rigged vessel like Bonnie Lynn is an experience like none other. The romance of the Era of Sail comes flooding back to meet the senses with a salty embrace. Bonnie Lynn sails the waters of New England and Nova Scotia and offshore islands during summer. Below decks she comfortably maintains the traditional charm with teak and mahogany paneled interior and old-style brass lighting fixtures which creates a romantic, old world atmosphere. She has 3 cabins, two of which are doubles and the third with a double and two single bunks.


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