• type : tallship
  • length : 183 ft.
  • capacity : 100 passengers
  • specials : luxury, classic sailing vessel, custom charters

Europa is a 180' steel-hulled bark that accommodates 48 guests in 11 cabins.

Steeped in maritime tradition, the square-rigger Europa deftly sails the seven seas, borne on a cloud of billowing canvas. Experience the satisfying thrill of climbing aloft and laying out on the long yards. Europa was launched in Hamburg in 1911, originally for cargo transportation. However, with the decline in trade under sail, she spent many years as a sail training ship. She now embarks on worldwide on cruises, training voyages and charters as well as tall ship races. During the southern summer months, Europa can be found around Tierra del Fuego in the Straights of Magellan, preparing to voyage to Antarctica. Her 2-inch thick steel hull is well-suited to the icy southern waters as she braves Drakes Passage to make landfall at the bottom of the world.

All cabins are provided with ensuite shower and toilet. There are 11 cabins, of which two are 2 person cabins, five are 4-person cabins and four are 6 person cabins. Furthermore the accommodation provides a hospital, deck lounge with bar, mess room and a library.


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