Lady Jane

  • type : sloop
  • length : 58 ft.
  • capacity : 7 passengers
  • specials : value, high performance sailing, SCUBA,snorkeling,fishing

Lady Jane is a Baltic 58' sloop that accommodates 7 guests in 3 cabins.

Sleek and an incredibly tough blue-water design, Lade Jane has been cruising Caribbean, Atlantic, and Scandinavian waters. She has raced in several regattas, and placed well thanks to her quick hull.

She has three double cabins, a spacious twin bed cabin, and an elegant saloon.


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What makes the Caribbean a particularly wonderful place to explore by yacht is that only 2% of the hundreds of islands are inhabited. You can sometimes find stretches of beach and secluded coves that feel like your own.

Baltic and Scandinavia

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The Baltic Sea is the Mediterranean of the Northern European nations. Strong maritime cities, far-flung trade, and cultural exchange have linked the peoples of the Baltic through several thousand years of common history. Discover this varied history and rich cultural tradition exploring the Baltic on a charter yacht.Sail past the original maelstrom of Moskstraumen off the Norwegian Coast, enter the Baltic through the Skaggerat and past Copenhagen, and visit the historic cities of Germany, Sweden, and the Baltic States, ending in St. Petersburg or Helsinki.


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