Mary Anne II

  • type : tallship
  • length : 213 ft.
  • capacity : 36 passengers
  • specials : classic sailing vessel

Mary Anne II is a 177' barquentine that accommodates 36 passengers in 16 cabins.

A recent addition to the venerable tall ship fleet, the Mary Anne II is a modern barkentine, built in the traditions of windjammers past. Just like square-riggers during the Age of Sail, Mary Anne is designed for long-range passenger-carrying cruises. She has been to the Baltic, the North Sea, the Mediterranean and around the Canary Islands. The Mary Anne II even sailed to Dubai, giving passengers the rare opportunity to cruise within the Arabian Emirates.

The keel of the vessel 'Mary Anne II' was laid 1996 at the Radunia-Shipyard, Danzig, Poland. After finishing the steelwork she was transported to the Gebr. Friedrich Shipyard, Kiel, Germany, where the interior, engineroom and rigging were completed. In 1997 'Mary Anne II' started sailing under German flag as a traditional sailing vessel.


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