Matagi Princess II

  • type : motor yacht
  • length : 77 ft.
  • capacity : 12 passengers
  • specials : value, deep water cruiser, SCUBA,snorkeling, custom charters

Matagi Princess is an 85' motoryacht that accommodates 12 guests in 6 cabins.

No, the Matagi Princess II is not a submarine, but it is the ideal vehicle to enable you to explore the amazing underwater world of Fiji! This interesting vessel cruises from the north island of Matagi to sites in the Somosomo Strait and the Ringgolds brimming with soft corals and tiger cowries. Equipped for live-aboard charter guests and thoroughly outfitted for scuba diving, the Matagi Princess II is an excellent choice for the underwater explorer.

Her six double cabins all have private bathrooms.


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Fiji and Vanuatu

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The Pacific Islands are a romantic paradise and inspired the likes of Somerset Maugham, Michener and Rodgers & Hammerstein. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands. At the crossroads of the Pacific, Fiji combines Melanesian and Polynesian cultures. The islands and lagoons boast miles and miles of pristine coastline. Uncover a new adventure everyday – swim with manta rays, snorkel, fish, go beachcombing, reef walking, hike or just enjoy the splendor of the natural world.