Sea Cloud I

  • type : tallship
  • length : 360 ft.
  • capacity : 65 passengers
  • specials : luxury, classic sailing vessel, full range of water toys, custom charters

Sea Cloud I is 360' bark that accommodates 65 guests in 34 cabins.

Launched as a private yacht in 1931 with a rig reminiscent of the proud clipper ships an era before, the Sea Cloud when borne on the fresh breeze under a blinding white press of canvas is an unforgettable sight. Few are the ships these days that can lay claim to having a full bark rig, and as such, seldom is the romance of that bygone Age of Sail rekindled so as it is with Sea Cloud. She now carries passengers across the Atlantic in style and elegance in her refurbished, classical cabins that glow with the grandeur of an age past. She is up to date with the latest safety and technical equipment.

Sea Cloud has 34 cabins, which include the lavish master staterooms on the main deck to double, twin and single cabins, all with private heads and showers.


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