Sea Dream I

  • type : motor yacht
  • length : 344 ft.
  • capacity : 110 passengers
  • specials : ultra luxury, pool,sauna,hot tub, custom charters

Sea Dream I is a 344' cruiseship that accommodates 110 guests in 55 cabins.

The guests aboard Sea Dream I are discerning, active travelers who enjoy a casual, elegant lifestyle. The unstructured nature of life aboard Sea Dream I and II has a strong appeal for these discriminating travelers. Besides active individuals and couples, Sea Dream is also perfect for small groups of likeminded holidaymakers. The yachts are also available for full yacht charters for corporate meetings, incentive groups or special family events around the Atlantic, including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

There are 55 staterooms, varied in size, but predominantly with double or twin berths, all cabins with en suite facilities.


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Greece and the Aegean

Greece and the Aegean | Yachts available »

The legendary Aegean offers breathtaking panoramas and some of the world's most interesting and leisurely cruising. In the archaeologically rich historical setting, classical ruins vie for your attention with charming villages and their colorful inhabitants. The ancient and contemporary exist side-by-side against a landscape of rugged grandeur.Voyage along the Turkish coast and through the islands of the eastern Dodecanese- still largely undiscovered by tourism. Enjoy the sun, swimming, snorkeling, ethereal skies and translucent turquoise bays.

New Zealand

New Zealand |  Yachts available »

Since the beginning of time the East Coast of New Zealand has been the first landfall of each day's morning sunrise. This area is indeed a special place with fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. Captain Cook first sighted the white cliffs of Young Nicks head in Poverty Bay in 1796. Let Ocean Voyages take you here for an extraordinary holiday!


Indonesia |  Yachts available »

With over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago on Earth, and stretches the distance of the continental U.S. and Alaska. While exploring Indonesia you may relax on brilliant beaches, see volcanoes and snow capped peaks, or wonder at the fantastic coral reefs. The best way to gain access to many of these special places is by boat, which makes Indonesia ideally suited for adventure cruises.

Fiji and Vanuatu

Fiji and Vanuatu | Yachts available »

The Pacific Islands are a romantic paradise and inspired the likes of Somerset Maugham, Michener and Rodgers & Hammerstein. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands. At the crossroads of the Pacific, Fiji combines Melanesian and Polynesian cultures. The islands and lagoons boast miles and miles of pristine coastline. Uncover a new adventure everyday – swim with manta rays, snorkel, fish, go beachcombing, reef walking, hike or just enjoy the splendor of the natural world.

Wandering Yachts

Wandering Yachts |  Yachts available »

Wandering Yachts are on round-the-world or long distance cruises. Join a yacht to experience a deep-water passage across one of the world's great oceans

Baltic and Scandinavia

Baltic and Scandinavia | Yachts available »

The Baltic Sea is the Mediterranean of the Northern European nations. Strong maritime cities, far-flung trade, and cultural exchange have linked the peoples of the Baltic through several thousand years of common history. Discover this varied history and rich cultural tradition exploring the Baltic on a charter yacht.Sail past the original maelstrom of Moskstraumen off the Norwegian Coast, enter the Baltic through the Skaggerat and past Copenhagen, and visit the historic cities of Germany, Sweden, and the Baltic States, ending in St. Petersburg or Helsinki.

Thailand and Malaysia

Thailand and Malaysia |  Yachts available »

This beautiful region, located east of Burma and South of China and Laos provides extraordinary sights for visitors and exceptional experiences for divers. For nature lovers there are remote jungles, pristine beaches and tropical islands to explore. If you like spending your time underwater, the coral reefs provide a fantastic view into the marine world. Puttaya, Phuket and Similan Islands are just some of the places in Thailand which draw divers from all regions of the globe.


Turkey | Yachts available »

Turkey’s Mediterranean shore, nearly a thousand miles known as the Turquoise Coast, offers a stunning destination for those who seek both beach days and time to explore antiquities. The Toros Mountains form a backdrop to the coast, falling steeply to the sea. Rivers have washed sediment down the cliffs over the ages creating beaches in hidden coves and fertile alluvial plains.

New Guinea

New Guinea | Yachts available »

Papua New Guinea, the world's second largest island, attracts true adventurers and is best explored by yacht. The entire area is similar in size to California and has approximately 6.8 million people and between 5 and 10% of the planet's total species. As many of its communities have remained quite separate due to numerous islands and steep mountain canyons, Papua New Guinea has several thousand villages- many with their own unique culture and customs.


Australia | Yachts available »

Australia was first discovered by Europeans in 1606. In 1983, Australia dominated the international sailing community with their victory over the long-defended America’s Cup with the radical winged-keel. Besides their racing prowess, Australia also offers excellent cruising. Sail to the cities of Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, the Whitsunday Islands, or even circumnavigate this southern continent!