Soren Larsen

  • type : tallship
  • length : 145 ft.
  • capacity : 12 passengers
  • specials : luxury, classic sailing vessel, snorkeling,sailing dinghy,windsurfer,fishing, custom charters

Soren Larsen is a 145' brigantine that accommodates 22 passengers in 2 or 4 berth cabins.

Soren Larsen is a traditional square-rigged brigantine, constructed entirely of sturdy oak. After conversion from a trading vessel to a passenger ship in 1978, she has sailed over 160,000 nautical miles, circumnavigated the world, and has chosen Auckland, New Zealand as home. Soren Larsen is fully equipped with modern safety and navigational aids and is surveyed for world-wide voyaging. Each southern hemisphere winter she cruises the romantic and barely accessible islands of the South Pacific, giving many first time sailors and adventurers of all ages a genuine 'experience of a lifetime'. From November to April she sails the beautiful New Zealand coast, participating in Tall Ship events.


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New Zealand

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Since the beginning of time the East Coast of New Zealand has been the first landfall of each day's morning sunrise. This area is indeed a special place with fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. Captain Cook first sighted the white cliffs of Young Nicks head in Poverty Bay in 1796. Let Ocean Voyages take you here for an extraordinary holiday!

Fiji and Vanuatu

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The Pacific Islands are a romantic paradise and inspired the likes of Somerset Maugham, Michener and Rodgers & Hammerstein. Fiji is made up of over 300 islands. At the crossroads of the Pacific, Fiji combines Melanesian and Polynesian cultures. The islands and lagoons boast miles and miles of pristine coastline. Uncover a new adventure everyday – swim with manta rays, snorkel, fish, go beachcombing, reef walking, hike or just enjoy the splendor of the natural world.

Wandering Yachts

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This tropical island chain located 480 miles south-east of Fiji (just west of the International Date Line) is made up of 170 islands, 45 of which are occupied. Tonga was first settled 500 years before Christ, and currently has a population of 100,000. Gentle Southeast trade winds and a beautiful climate create excellent sailing conditions. The water surrounding the islands boasts black coral and virtually undisturbed Reefs. Tropical flowers and friendly people contribute to the enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere.

Pitcairn Island

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As you sail towards Pitcairn, you approach one of the remotest of the world’s inhabited islands, lying halfway between New Zealand and the Americas. Four thousand and eight hundred kilometres of open ocean separate you from them; a few archipelagos lie to the north; and the southern seas are empty to the ice caps of Antarctica.


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Australia was first discovered by Europeans in 1606. In 1983, Australia dominated the international sailing community with their victory over the long-defended America’s Cup with the radical winged-keel. Besides their racing prowess, Australia also offers excellent cruising. Sail to the cities of Sydney, Perth, and Adelaide, the Whitsunday Islands, or even circumnavigate this southern continent!