• type : schooner
  • length : 120 ft.
  • capacity : 14 passengers
  • specials : luxury, classic sailing vessel, snorkeling, custom charters

Tocorime is a 120' gaff-rigged schooner that accommodates passengers.

Meaning "Adventurous Spirit" in the native tongue of the Amazonian Kulina tribe. The Tocorime is an authentic Brazilian wooden Tall Ship that brings you back in time with its historical ambiance and charm. Built entirely of local woods and hand tools, Tocorime is an educational vessel that does adventure excursions with guests and student, teaching passengers about life at sea and Brazil's rich heritage. The Tocorimé objective is to progress the understanding of race, religion, environment by uniting the differences in a small floating world of its´ own. She does week-long adventure trips and day cruises on the Green Coast, near Rio De Janeiro.


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