Sailing Yachts

In our fleet we have both the ultimate in luxury and high performance sailing vessels and, to suit your pocketbook and sense of adventure, simpler, but well-founded boats. These latter vessels are recommended for those who want to participate in sailing and adventure. They provide access to the types of experiences you would find sailing the world on your own yacht. In some of the world’s most remote locations, such as Pitcairn Island, New Guinea, Galapagos Islands, Andaman Islands, and Cape Horn, we occasionally can offer you luxury yachts but more often we can offer expertly run, well-founded vessels.

Luxury sailing vessels such as the Mirabella V, a sloop with the tallest mast or the amazing Juliet built by Royal Hauseman and designed by Ron Holland offer ultimate sailng experiences with every comfort and luxury imaginable. We can help you select the right combination of level of performance sailing and comfort to suit your preference, size group, and budget.

We love beautiful yachts of all sizes, whether you be looking for the perfect fifty foot sloop for your honeymoon or a 140ft ketch for a family reunion, whether you wish an ultimate high-performance sailing yacht or a spacious heavy-displacement sailing yacht for gentle cruising.

 Sarah W Vorwerk 

 53 ft. | 8 guests 


 140 ft. | 10 guests 


 130 ft. | 8 guests 


 65 ft. | 6 guests 


 54 ft. | 6 guests 


 178 ft. | 10 guests 

 Pelagic Australis 

 75 ft. | 12 guests 

 Ocean Leopard 

 81 ft. | 8 guests 

 Lady Jane 

 58 ft. | 7 guests 


 128 ft. | 10 guests 

 Ke Ama II 

 80 ft. | 6 guests 


 81 ft. | 6 guests 

 Wally B 

 107 ft. | 6 guests 


 70 ft. | 6 guests 


 54 ft. | 6 guests 


 131 ft. | 6 guests 


 57 ft. | 6 guests 

 Ocean Kestrel II 

 55 ft. | 10 guests 


 83 ft. | 6 guests 


 78 ft. | 6 guests