Why Charter

The gods do not deduct from Man’s allotted span those hours spent in sailing.

-Ancient Phoenecian proverb


What is Ocean Voyages?

Ocean Voyages may be a yacht charter in an exotic and distant locale, long distance ocean passage making, adventure diving, a special group or family milestone event, or even a luxury charter on a mega-yacht.

If you are considering the purchase of a vessel, the first hand knowledge gained by signing on one of our sailing programs is invaluable. Even if you have cruised your own vessel, you may find joining one of our yachts a rewarding and relaxing way to explore a new part of the world. Or, if you are just longing to feel the fresh salt air and glide across the blue waters again, or for the first time, choose from of our fine yacht charters.

Through Ocean Voyages, you can

Ocean Voyages and You

Our success is due to the people who participate. We seem to attract intelligent and interesting people who are seeking a change of pace – people who want to learn about themselves as well as others, while exploring exciting places and meeting a variety of new people. Because you are so important to us, we want to help you in any way we can. We have provided information on many of our vessels here, but go ahead and contact us with any questions or ideas for your dream charter. If you dream of sailing, Ocean Voyages can make that dream a reality.

We hope to have you sailing with us soon!