Round the World Sailing

Ocean Voyages has many opportunities for participants to join ocean passages, both long and short. We have boats making inter-island passages, ocean crossings of the Atlantic and Pacific, and blue water legs of long term circumnavigations.

Experience the joy and rhythm of a sea voyage: a sustained period to improve sailing techniques, to become part of a working crew, and to experience the many, diverse mysteries of the ocean. There is something about the rhythm of the wind, the sea, sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, the vast performance of the stars, the community of people working together and getting to know each other that make the achievement of crossing the ocean in a  boat one of the most dramatic and memorable in human experience.

Join a yacht for:

  • Deep-water passage across one of the world’s oceans.
  • Local cruise in an exciting destination.
  • Journey through a canal, like the Panama or Suez.
  • A complete circumnavigation.

Through our wide network of boats international ocean passage opportunities occur with frequency. Contact us for the latest information on vessel location and itinerary.