Charter Yachts

In our fleet we have both the ultimate in luxury and high performance sailing vessels and, to suit your pocketbook and sense of adventure, simpler, but well-founded boats. These vessels are recommended for those who want to participate in sailing and adventure. They provide access to the types of experiences you would find sailing the world on your own yacht. In some of the world’s most remote locations, such as Pitcairn Island, New Guinea, Galapagos Islands, Andaman Islands, and Cape Horn, we occasionally can offer you luxury yachts but more often we can offer expertly run, well-founded vessels.

We love beautiful yachts of all sizes, whether you be looking for the perfect fifty foot sloop for your honeymoon or a 140ft ketch for a family reunion, whether you wish an ultimate high-performance sailing yacht or a spacious heavy-displacement sailing yacht for gentle cruising.

Power Yachts

Ocean Voyages has a wide variety of power yachts available for charter in locations around the world, from dive tours and expeditions in remote locations to massive mega-yachts in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Power yachts are also available for ocean passage-making trips or custom or group charters.

Worldwide Diving

We offer both scheduled and custom dive programs on live-aboard power yachts in unspoiled destinations such as the Galapagos, Belize, Australia, Indonesia, the Arctic, and many other destinations.


In addition to providing exceptional vacation opportunities, power yachts are ideal for corporate use. All provide full services and high standards of comfort, and are equipped with worldwide communications and data equipment and spaces and visual aids for meetings or conferences.

Whether you need an entertainment/accomodation base for a conference, a meeting with total security and service, perfect conditions for a high-level think tank, or the right vehicle for an inentive program, chartering a yacht from Ocean Voyages is a sound business practice.

Wandering Yachts

Wandering yachts are those on long distance trips or circumnavigations. Participants can join a vessel at a destination along its route or for the sea passage in between, or for several destinations and passages combined. Wandering Yachts include offshore sailing yachts, luxury power yachts, and pocket-liners or specialist motor vessels.

Join a yacht for

  • Deep-water passage across one of the world’s oceans.
  • Local cruise in an exciting destination.
  • Journey through a canal, like the Panama or Suez
  • A complete circumnavigation.

Contact us for the latest information on vessel location and itinerary.